Developer of iris analysis algorithms with over 10 years of experience and knowledge.

3E Introduction

As an iris-algorithm development and analytics company, 3E started development of the said algorithm in 2006 together a Russian R&D team. 3E completed R&D of this technology in 2009 and 3E Corporation was officially established in 2015, giving way to participate in government funded projects.

After then, 3E has been accumulated core technology in this field. As a result, 3E already completed patent registration of the technology not only related on algorithm of iris analysis, but also various advantaged patent in Korea and U.S.

Moreover, 3E started R&D with a leading security company in Korea, and improved that our technology is admitted by a large enterprise.

3E R&D

B3E successfully developed health analyzing algorithm of toxin, which is the main reason of diseases, by intensive R&D and industrial acknowledge.

Through this, we are now developing personal A.I. service for monitoring and managing user’s health condition in real time.

Furthermore, through the expectation of disease based on big data, deep learning and advanced process, 3E is going to construct a personalized A.I. system for disease prevention and healthcare management.