Developer of iris analysis algorithms with over 10 years of experience and knowledge.

3E Introduction

As an iris-algorithm development and analytics company, 3E started development of the said algorithm in 2006 together a Russian R&D team. 3E completed R&D of this technology in 2009 and 3E Corporation was officially established in 2015, giving way to participate in government funded projects.

Since then, 3E has been accumulating core technologies in this field. As a result, 3E has successfully registered 5 patents relating to iris-based algorithms in Korea and is currently in the process of filing 6 PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patents overseas and 5 more patents in the US. In addition, 3E began work on a joint R&D project with a domestic lead player in security, ultimately proving that 3E’s technology is also being recognized by large corporations.

3E R&D

Based on 3E’s intensive R&D and industry knowledge, the company has developed a real-time healthcare analysis algorithm that will be first used for advanced prevention of three diseases (pancreatic, colorectal and women's diseases).

3E has also developed healthcare analysis algorithms to monitor real-time health status of the users. Furthermore, 3E is also establishing advanced prevention and management systems by developing real-time monitoring of chronic diseases, based on big data, deep learning, and accelerated processes. This in turn will help 3E to become a key player in healthcare analytics.