3E Iris Pattern Analysis Algorithms

3E has creative algorithms that are optimized for mobile and application convergence.

Through its homegrown algorithms, the 3E addresses seven challenges to popularization of iris recognition technology. Based on this, 3E offers a range of solutions optimized for customization.

3E Core Technology Patents

3E possesses the proprietary technology that enables iris recognition by utilizing the various characteristics of the human iris.

Of note, 3E has not only secured technology for each of the essential processes but also the key proprietary technologies that are the underlying evidences for patents being filed in Korea as well as overseas.

3E Technology Features

  • Faster and easier
    All authentication procedures are complete in less than one second.
  • Easily anywhere, anytime
    Convenient service is always available without requiring extra authentication.
  • More precise and safer
    3E only recognizes live iris information with the above anti-modulation algorithm technique.
  • Together in your daily life
    Combine with a variety of mobile devices and applications to provide a more convenient life.