3E Authentication technology offers the highest level of security and various business services.

High security

Iris authentication requires no separate authentication means and no personal information entry procedures.

There is also the possibility of the above modulation and loss. The iris pattern is used as a means of authentication, so it is always safe to use.

Contactless Authentication

Iris authentication is sanitary and simple because it is performed without contact.

Because it is transparent to the external environment, secure authentication is possible even in special environments.

Various Business Services

Fast, easy and convenient, iris recognition is a great option for consumers and many business users.

Iris authentication is the right solution for billing, remittance, banking, and e-commerce services.

Make a mobile payment with iris authentication. Responsible for the delivery of goods ordered, will be delivered to customers accurately and safely.

Development of 3E iris authentication module and control board

We developed iris authentication module and control board applicable to various IoT devices.

We are expanding the base of iris authentication application market by developing modules that can easily converge.