3E Unique Technology of Deep Learning with Artificial Intelligence.

3E Algorithm Technology

High tech solutions that rapidly and accurately recognize everyone’s unique iris information.

3E has developed a ‘3E Algorithm’ that is optimized for mobile and application mounting. The original technology of 3E was recognized as a number of patents at home and abroad, and additional intellectual property rights are also being secured.

3E solves 7 challenges for popularization of iris authentication technology.

3E addresses seven of the challenges in iris authentication by creating creative algorithms that are safer and more custom-optimized. The source algorithm technique provided in the form of SDK can be utilized for convergence solutions and product development in various fields.

  • Asian eyelids / eyelashes
  • Iris color problem
  • Authentication error due to light intensity
  • Rate of authentication
  • Convenience
  • Change in size
  • Falsification

Iris Biometric Pattern

The unique identification characteristics of iris patterns are 266 which enables more precise authentication as compared to fingerprinting. The human error rate is 0.000083 to 0.0001%, making it one of the safest biometrics available today.

The Best Password

Iris is the next generation authentication method that’s safe and easy for everyone to use.

Universal & Persistent

Iris is a unique trait for anyone to have. And iris patterns are permanently formed after the age of 18 months. It is fixed, so it is not affected by any physical changes and can not be made randomly.

3E Technology Uniqueness

  • Optimized algorithm based on deep learning
    It is integrated with artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to provide the user with optimized service.
  • Biometric function checking algorithm
    By recognizing only the live iris, we have completely eliminated the danger of photo, video hacking, and stomach modulation.
  • Unfixed iris can also be certified
    If the pupil is not the perfect circle, then any unusual iris pattern is certified.
  • Uninfectedness to iris color
    Self-filtering algorithms ensure accurate and rapid certification services regardless of race.